BoA Makes a Stylish Return to Her K-Pop Throne on ‘Kiss My Lips’: Track-by-Track Review

BoA has been recognized as one of the most successful and influential Korean entertainers throughout her career, and is therefore commonly credited as the “Queen of K-pop. Born and raised in Gyeonggi-do , South Korea, she was discovered by SM Entertainment talent agents when she accompanied her older brother to a talent search in and was trained for two years. On television, she appeared as a judge on the reality competition show K-pop Star — , as an actress on the television drama Listen to Love , as a host for the second season of Produce , and as a coach for the third season of The Voice of Korea BoA’s multilingual skills she speaks Japanese and English along with native Korean and has recorded songs in Mandarin [7] have contributed to her commercial success throughout Asia outside of South Korea such as China, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. With the release of her debut Japanese studio album, Listen to My Heart , BoA became the first Korean pop star to break through in Japan following the fall of barriers that had restricted the import and export of entertainment between the countries since the end of World War II. Though her brother was the one who auditioned as a break-dancer, [3] SM talent scouts instead took notice of BoA and offered her a contract on the same night as the auditions. BoA underwent two years of training involving vocal, dance, English, and Japanese lessons , and at the age of thirteen released her debut album ID; Peace B in South Korea on August 25, The album was moderately successful; it entered the Top 10 of the South Korean charts and sold around , units. She was forced to quit school to prepare [3] and in early , BoA released her first mini-album , Don’t Start Now ; it sold around 90, units. After its release, she took a hiatus from the Korean music industry to focus on the Japanese market at which time she worked to solidify her skills in Japanese.

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KBS 2TV’s two-part drama ‘Hope for Dating‘ broadcast its first half on the 11th, grabbing attention with a sweet kiss scene between BoA and.

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May 13, Visits. The album presents listeners with classic BoA as she seems to have returned to her roots. The majority of the album is good, easy, enjoyable listening sure to delight any BoA fan. The song feels like a first love song , adding to the adorable vibe. The song is overall cheerful and one that could have a fun dance-break if it was ever turned into an MV. There is a s, early s vibe at some points that help make the song sound better than what it is.

The song is cute and enjoyable. When the song ended, however, I forgot I listened to it, so memorability is an issue. BoA sounds stronger than Kim, so he is overpowered at times. Vocals feel just right. Her softness here stirs emotions that make the listener feel the song. The chorus truly stands out because of how BoA lowers her tone. There is a lot of heart here.

The instrumentals make the song feel off-pace and strange.

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Who’s Back? Her eighth Japanese language album, Who’s Back? In , to celebrate 10 years since her Japanese debut, she released a video single, ” Milestone “. All three songs featured writing credits by BoA herself.

c.p. dating since e. here’s me; I don’t let; if I stick; in a pig’s; it fits him; it’s a poor a.; it’s bad manners; kiss my a. Beaumont and Fletcher, Love’s Cure, written not later than , in III, ii, has: Boa: You’ll come, Sir? AS I HOPE TO BE.

Post a comment. Ni hao. Hmmm I seemed to have misplaced my days, what day is it? Let me start off by saying BoA is no rookie in the entertainment world and has been active in the industry since with her debut album being released in , with 15 years of albums under her belt it’s no surprise she’s labelled the Queen of K-pop. With 20 albums released I’m sure you can understand why, with 8 Korean albums, 3 Korean mini albums, 8 Japanese albums and 1 English album, you can see not only does she work hard but she strives at continuing to be the best she can.

I may have only been listening to her a few months but I can honestly say she is one hell of an inspiring woman and a true role model for girls and women everywhere. I’m in awe of her. Kiss my lips is BoA’s 8th Korean album and her first Korean release in three years, the album was released May this year , before it’s release the album got a pre-release single called Who Are You, which was followed by the lead single Kiss My Lips, BoA herself admitted with this album she got many firsts from her 15 years in the industry.

BoA doesn’t feature heavily in the MV and didn’t want to feature in the MV but felt as it was her song should make an appearance so she is mainly seen in the background on the TVs. Check out the video below and maybe you’ll fall in love too. In the lyrics for Kiss My Lips the speaker is provocatively urging her counterpart not to hesitate approaching her.

BoA’s Legacy: A 20th Anniversary Tribute to the Queen of K-Pop

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May 4, 2005 – May 11, 2005

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