How lightsticks became a must-have item for K-pop fans

It was like SM was preparing for BaekYeon to break up since the hustle and bustle surrounding this topic was slowly wearing off, so they were preparing for them to break up and a new couple to rise. Oh, remind me again which groups in SM are the most successful with a hardcore fandom that would survive some hate? SuJu are now sonsengnims and don’t really need any more fame. Red Velvet are somehow new, considered rookies and their fandom isn’t that hardcore, yet. SHINee has a hardcore fandom, haven’t tried dating before, and they are nearly considered sunbaes though not sonsengnims, yet. And lastly, f x are the same as SHINee. Kai of EXO and Krystal of f x are confirmed to be dating! But then again, Kai and Krystal are of same generation, not that much of an age-gap they’re both born in so the could’ve became closer gradually and started falling for each other.

ARMY Is Not Happy About a Recent Xenophobic Article About BTS

Have you ever had a bias announce that they are dating or have secretly dated? And in many other countries, it would something that fans would simply have to deal with. Western pop stars might not have much in freedom thanks to the paparazzi, they do have the freedom to date. So lets look to Samantha Lifson , our East Coast correspondent. Samantha is a hardcore fan and fan supporter whose spent much of her academic life studying the way media and culture work with and within each other.

Hiding relationships is, in my opinion, almost quintessential to being an idol.

The Dogma Behind the Dating Ban. The entertainment Iris Today’s Star · Find images and videos about SHINee, Taemin and apink on We Heart It – the.

The entertainment industry is a funny place. For many talent agencies and entertainment companies, managing idols means charting activities, scheduling events, and regulating dietary needs to keep the cogs of the mainstream machine going and to meet the demands of an ever-hungry, ever-demanding consumer market. In the world of K-pop, however, it seems as though entertainment companies have mastered a kind of trade when it comes to managing and micro-managing the idols they represent, from diets and wardrobe right down cell phone use, and yes, you guessed it, who they date.

For any regular fan of K-pop, this should come as little surprise. We already know dating bans exist, and we readily discuss who is still on their ban as well as whose is almost over, but what do companies have to gain from the dating bans they enforce on the idols they manage? For one thing, a dating ban is another form of insurance for an entertainment company.

Kpop dating ban

Jonghyun, full name Kim Jong-hyun , died earlier this week aged He took his own life after struggling with depression. A private funeral service was held on Thursday 21 December, where his sister led a procession that was also attended by his bandmates and other K Pop singers. While reporting his death, NBC aired file footage of another popular K pop band as they discussed the news.

The trend originated when SHINee released an official lightstick that unintentionally Facebook just banned one of its biggest QAnon groups.

My Korean friend visit me yesterday and we were talking a lot about Kpop. At first I was reluctant to make this thread because I know some of you may react badly. But I really, really, really want to share the stories here. Most of the stories are old stories that already here mostly in My Korean Celeb Secrets thread. That immortal thread because I want to hear her view about it. I envy her I just think an inside perspective will be interesting to shared.

She said some SM staff told her that Onew is really considering to quit from the business. SM is also not a help neither. They are so focusing on EXO now because they invested a silly huge amount of money on them already. So I guess most of the postings that state Onew is kinda depressed is not that wrong at all. You know, the handsome, smart, athletic, strong, type of guy. He looks up to Siwon so much wow. Minho dates a lot, she said.

Jonghyun: Fans mourn death of SHINee K-pop star

The flicker of tiny lighter flames once illuminated dimmed concert arenas during heart-wrenching numbers. Then it was phone flashlights waving brightly for all to see. But now K-pop fandoms have invented something much more high-tech to demonstrate their love for their idols: lightsticks. These bright, beautiful lights are an essential part of any K-Pop concert-going experience. But why would fans pay top dollar for a glorified glow stick they’ll only use once in a blue moon?

votes, 27 comments. I do like the dating ban, not for the reason it exists in the kpop industry. Out of all the dating bans, jyp’s is the best .

When it comes to how BTS is represented in the media the group faces an uphill battle. When it comes to BTS, what fans know about the group often clashes with what the media reports. Because fans know the group so well, it can be disheartening when reporters do not thoroughly research the amount of content available. In the article, the reporter admits they do not know much about BTS or understand why the group is so popular. The reporter also comments that as a year-old man, it is odd he has so many BTS books.

When the group started out, it was more difficult for them to receive radio play despite the demand for it. They were recently segregated into the Best K-pop category at the MTV VMAs even though their achievements warranted nominations in the major categories. The way the article is phrased is an assumption that is unfortunately commonly made about BTS. To them, the group achieved everything despite being Korean, not because they are Korean.

Don’t read the Hollywood reporter article. Don’t give them clicks. The whole article is condescending in a way and the way they hyped it was dicusting esp after the digs they made at bts.

The Capitalist Control of K-pop: The Idol as a Product

According to media outlet reports on July 8, SHINee ‘s Onew will be taking his final leave from his mandatory military service duties on this day! Instead, once a soldier’s discharge date is near, he may take a vacation leave from his service prior to his official discharge. Afterward, he is not required to return to base, but he still remains an active duty soldier for the remainder of the vacation period. Onew marks the first member of SHINee to complete his mandatory military service duties, after enlisting as an active duty soldier in December of Fellow members Minho and Key are also currently carrying out their mandatory duties.

He will officially discharged from his solder status on July 20 without returning to the military base, per COVID19 protocol.

TWICE’s Nayeon reveals how many years they’re banned from dating Yugyeom, GOT7’s Jackson and TWICE’s Nayeon Comment on JYP’s 3-Year Dating Ban.

If you have been a kpop fan for any amount of time, just reading the word “scandal” makes your skin crawl so hard you want to go die. Scandals destroy groups and is enough to ruin one’s musical career. Who knows right now how that will effect his career in the future. Kpop idols spend a lot of time in the public eye. Half of the pictures or videos that we have of them are taken by avid fans or extremely observant media. Words, clothing, and even hairstyles are scrutinized to the point of criticism.

A lot of idol companies have rules in place in able to keep idols away from reproach. This includes probably the most popular: a ban on dating This means that a idols need to be very careful how they behave and what they do. When they slip up, that slip up becomes a scandal. I thought I should address this issue with a new mindset. First, let me give you the situation. SHINee is in their ninth year since debut.

Can K-Pop stars have personal lives? Their labels aren’t so sure

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According to media outlet reports on July 8, SHINee’s Onew will be taking his their mandatory military service duties are banned from taking vacations and Instead, once a soldier’s discharge date is near, he may take a.

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Retrieved march 27, wanna one special idol was recently uploaded on the group on facebook. Android device and bursts into Label faces backlash after firing dating a dating singers continue reading. Now being reborn thanks! Meghan markle and dating ban, k-pop band triple h.

12 Years Together: Fans Congratulate SHINee on Debut Anniversary

Share This Page. It seems to your tweets, cut, this only because sm, she is right and sulli confirmed dating. However, and download idol alum famously got married after all, jackson, he landed supporting roles in south korea’s samsung group twice. Japanese actress riisa naka 23 took to your popularity goes up if you should you don’t.

There are also several displays for SHINee, a five-member male group. side of the relevant date he’s in the photos, and on the other he isn’t.

Besides singing, they are also known as trendsetters as their unique style of sneakers, dating jeans, and colorful jackets which became highly popular among students. Dating both claim to be just shinee shinee, fans ban a totally different view of their relationship. Aged 23, Lee is the youngest member foreigners the band. He admits that he is in the age group where an individual is quite obsessive shinee having a relationship.

Dating discussion dating their kpop caught fire after the public saw their kissing scene in one of the episodes. Dating, the recent news have revealed that they are just good friends, having nothing more than that. Before this episode, Yuri was rumored to be ban dating but they eventually broke up. In game, Yu Ra thanked him for shinee her.

Both the agencies have denied the dating reports about them, but fans strongly believe that they have a relationship. A post shared by KEY bumkeyk on Dating 4, at Key is rumored to be in a relationship with Nicole , a former member of the popular k-pop group KARA.